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Ray of Sunshine Party: $190.00 for the first 8 kids
2 Hour
* Great for kids of all ages!
* Self catered, table in the kiosk area.
* 2 hours of play in the Shine Shed! * Includes 8 people. Extra people $27
Ray of Sunshine Party
Shine On Party: $350.00 for the first 8 kids
2 Hour
* 2 Hours play in the Shine Shed,
* Catered party, table in kiosk.
* Includes lollies and chips on the table.
* Water and Cordial jugs.
* Choice of Pizza or KFC Go buckets (Nuggets / popcorn chicken)
* Lolly bag for each child.
* 1 x Icecream Cake
* Includes 8 people, extra people $27each
Shine On Party
Shine Bright Party: $675.00 for the first 20 kids
2 Hour
* Exclusive use of the Shine Shed for 2 hours
*Includes choice of pizza or Kfc Go Buckets ( Nuggets / Popcorn chicken), Lollies and Chips,Cordial / Water, Icecream Cake and Lolly Bags
* Price Includes 20 Guests.
extra children $27.00 per child
Shine Bright Party