1. We request your e-mail address for communication purposes. For example: copy of receipts (for tax purposes), party booking, link to the waiver etc.

2. Adult name: real contact person that assumes responsibility for the child

3. Password: You create a password and if you need to change something (add your neighbor's child, add an additional child,etc),it will be easier than completing the waiver an additional time.

4. Adult Birth date: Proof that you are over 18 years old. Only an adult can complete the waiver.

5. We request your address for communication purposes as well. In case of an emergency/outbreak situation, we will send you a letter will all the details.

6. We request your phone number for communication purposes. We need it for communicating about a party booking, a lost item (phone, wallet, keys), etc.

7. We request the names of your children so we know who you are assuming responsibility for. In case of a fire/evacuation, we know what child belongs to who.

8. We request the birth dates of your children so we know what age population we are serving the most. Also, when you sign in at he desk, it will notify the staff if your child pays full fee or enters for free (under 1 yr of age).

Please read the release of liability carefully and click on the small check box to confirm again that you are over 18 years old and you are the legitimate parent, guardian or the responsible party that assumes responsibility for the children that accompany you.

Please add your name and click "submit".


The computer version of the waiver is meant to make the things easy for you and for us. Being on the system you have advantage like having any receipts reprinted any time. We also keep track of how many times you have visited our indoor playground. You receive a free admission after your tenth paid admission.
If you have a special request, we can make a note of it
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