All parties include inflatable play, party attendant & server, up to 2 slices of pizza & a fountain drink for up to 14 children. 2 year olds and younger are free and not counted in the 14. If more than 14 attend, it is additional $12.95 per child or $10 for team party. Paper products are included at no charge. Climbs can be added to any party for just $25.00. Cake/cup cakes and individual cups of ice cream are welcome. No other outside food or drink is allowed. We offer Monday-Friday team and birthday parties which are not private and semi-private and private parties on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are familiar with Fun Zone in the last year, please note that we have down sized to the original 3000 sq. ft. area with no additional section.
Saturday-Sunday Private Party: $250.00 for the first 14 kids
2 Hour
Adults and children have private use of Fun Zone. If you are familiar with Fun Zone, we no longer have access to the play area added 2 years ago so any parties booked now will have private use of the available 3000 sq. ft. area.
Saturday-Sunday Private Party
Monday-Friday Team Party: $110.00 for the first 10 kids
2 Hour
This party is designed for sports teams. There is a 8 child minimum to book. The price is $11 per child plus tax. Children share the play area. This party offers special pricing just for teams and requires a team roster. You are welcome to sit in the Funzone with shared seating or reserve the Banquet room right outside the Funzone.
Monday-Friday Team Party
Semi Private Party: $199.00 for the first 14 kids
2 Hour
Adults and children have reserved seating in Fun Zone but the play area is open for walk in play.
Semi Private Party
Week Day Party: $150.00 for the first 14 kids
2 Hour
A week day party is not private.
Children and adults have reserved seating just out side of Fun Zone. Seating in Fun Zone for adults is first come, first served.
Week Day Party